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First title: Angola overhead new verified instances elevated to four situations of pneumonia coronavirus masks

mask for coronavirus,regional time on Drive 26, the Angolan Health Minister Sylvia Lutukuta (Silvia Lutucuta) Add 1 Angola informed of brand-new instances crown pneumonia confirmed situations as of Walk 26 local period, the country’s fresh overhead pneumonia verified instances elevated to four situations, the brand-new case can be a 41-year-old female, on Walk 19 from Lisbon, Portugal to come back to Luanda.

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Faced with the brand-new crown pneumonia epidemic circumstance, the federal government implemented a series of measures to Angola, Angolan Chief executive Lorenzo night time regional period on Mar 25 announced that from local time at 0:27 on Drive 15 officially joined a period of Angola time condition of crisis, in order to suppress the spread of the fresh overhead pneumonia pandemic. (Total station media reporter Zhou Lin)

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